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— Meredith McGill, President

Happy Clients


Moved my daughter

When my daughter accepted a job in Richmond, Va., our family was thrilled for her, but we knew the move would be difficult because she was moving far away from her home in Cleveland, Ohio.  All America Moving & Storage made the process smooth and your moving team was thoughtful, patient, kind and understanding every step of the way during the two-day move.

My daughter’s belongings were kept securely in storage overnight after a long day of packing and loading. I drove out to Virginia to help my daughter set up her new home, and we both felt a sense of relief and comfort when our familiar All America Moving & Storage team arrived on time, just as they said. It was good to have two familiar faces in this brand-new area.



The guys that did my move today were OUTSTANDING. They were professional, careful and worked very hard to make this go smooth. I can't commend them enough. Aside for all this, they were also very nice and fun to work with. Please let them know that I appreciate their efforts.

— Keith  

June 19th and 94 degrees

All America Moving & Storage has a great group of guys. I’ve never seen anything like it! Stay out of their way - they were there to work!!! And boy did they. I'm very grateful that I made the decision to have them do everything – I would be there until next year if I was packing myself! I thought Paul was a very, very good leader. He was obviously respected by the other guys, and he kept his great sense of humor. Please let management know how great everyone was. They were first respectful, a lot of fun, and they all thanked me for lunch! Which of course is the best part of the day!!

— Barbara

Kept our belongingss safe

The team of All America  did more than pack and prepare my home for the move—they were looking out for our family. During one of the packing days when the three-person team was boxing up our belongings, two gentlemen came to my home, entered and identified themselves as painters who were there to paint the basement. I had hired no such contractors. And the movers were suspicious.

They questioned the integrity of these so-called painters, so they asked for their identification. They told them to go to their truck and get documentation—some proof. The two “painters” did return to their truck, but rather than digging into the glove compartment for I.D., they climbed into the vehicle and peeled down the street. It was a close call